Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August Bank Holiday Monday - Low tide at Eastbourne

A walk along the South Downs from Holywell to Cow Gap.

Huzzzah.. Freedom to wun and sniff and wun and wun and sniff ... oh did I mention sniff. Brae went off on a skip cos he does that sometimes.

Here is a view wiv our bums in it

This is the perfect environment to collect Cleavers and Burrs.. So we did

Eastbourne disappears into the distance along wiv all the old people that live there.

Were off to the sea. Dad said we have to be careful cos there is a cliff and everyfing there. We completely ignored him cos we has got fluff in our ears.

Mum and dad eventually catched us up as Brea gettid caught sniffing a flower like a big pansy.

First we jumsy'd into this rock pool....

..several times

Then I did teach Brae how to become the Master of the Sea.

Look at his happy little face... 

I looks like a little dwarf in this picture... eever that or Brae looks like a giant.