Tuesday, 2 August 2016

24th July 2016 - Benenden Circular Village Walk

We did a circular walk around the outside of the Village of Benenden in Kent, Mum was doing the map reading so it was longer than we anticipated by about a mile and a half.

We was waiting for Mum to come out of the pub wiv a plate of food.

We hadn't got very far before my tung did start to hang out

Brae (as usual) finded sumfing to sniff - we had to wait a long time for him to finish

Dad wos trying to take a photo so we tried to get a close up

I was keeping an eye on dad, Brae was keeping an eye out for dinosaurs

Brae is saying 'Mlem' I is saying 'Blep'

Then I did a 'Blem' in front of Benenden School

We finded the only dirty puddle on the walk so we did give ourselves Wellies to go home wiv.

Map fing

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