Monday, 23 January 2017

21st January 2017 - Bewl Bridge Circular 25K

First major hike of the year so we did go for a march around the Bewl water fingy place

We did have to wait in dads car until everybody was ready to go - this was a wewy noisy experience wiv lots of borking and stuff. Brae did put his cute face on so no-one could tell he was a being an norty boy

Brae did check to make sure the frost is cold enough for everybody to walk in.

The water was wewy cold, but we swimmed in it anyway.

Dad did shout for us to get out cos it was far too early in the walk for us to get wet and if the wind changed direction we would get stuck.

Brae did start to freeze to the ground and had to do a gigantic leap to free himself.

Brae is looking at the ice and wunderin iffin he could eat it.

We is wewy nearly turning into spooky sillowets.

Brae was dooing a ferocious bork at his shadow, cos it had been following him about all morning.

Apparently an whale was drinking all the water up, so the reservoir was getting wewy low 

Brae was wunnin about on this giant letter 'T'

Fluffy butts suck up lots of water.......erm.......just sayin.

I did stop for a peruse

A dead persons name was carved in the back of this seat. I cant read, so I didnt!

We were looking really hard but we could not see our house from here. Brea did even give it a special squinty peek through his special bat mask..... nuffink

Brae is dooin a little lean on the verge cos he can't be bovvered to lay down or stand up.

He was quite happy though - So he did give us a little 'Blep'

Here it is iffin you want to go walkies.

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