Thursday, 19 January 2017

Pevensy Castle and Beach - 8th January 2017

We did go to visit the Normans -  but they wasn't there.....

This is Brae, looking at me, looking at a bug, that is looking at the Castle

Brae was checking out the invaders.

Brae is being as majestic as a row of trees

I is wonderin how many dead bodies is at the bottom of the moat - I fink there is at least five

As usual, I is keeping to the footpaths with my eyes out for treasure - didn't find nuffink.

Brae found a cleaning pond

I did find a dirtying pond

Fortunately, the Sea was nearby so we could wash of the stench of old moat

The late afternoon sun is shining on the righteous

People is living quite close to the sea here - but only until high tide, then they all floats away and gets wewy angery.

 I is being part of the sun-set

Brae finks this is a good place to keep a giant wee pole

So tired, had to rest my snoot...


  1. Gorgeous pics mates. I've always wanted to play in the sea,


  2. You is more than welcome husky-friend-dude.... might be a bit of a trek though.