Monday, 17 July 2017

15th July 2017, Ashdown Forest - Buxted - 25 Km.

Our fifth big hike of the year over the Ashdown Forest taking in Fairwarp, Buxted, High Hurstwood and Maresfield

I did find some poo that needed rolling in - it did smell a bit hooman though, so dad threw me into a pond......................................$*@tard

Braes bum

Here is my bum - it looks like we is walking through the Savanah. I telled Brae that there was lions and stuff hiding so he did a frighten and wunned away really fast

A lovely Beech tree avenue through the forest with a serious amount of leaves that we could roly poly in

Brae said he wanted to go to church, but when we got there he said he would rather have a figgy roll.

Orse kissin is one of my favourite fings - Brae is a bit clumsy and does a confuse with orse kissing and orse biting so he rolls in the dirt instead.

I did a giant Arroooooooo to see iffin an echo would come back.... we waited and waited but I fink it cluttered off to Scotland.

ppplllrrrp - that's got that out of my system

We always find the water.. much to dads dismay

The blue line is the one that was followed most frequently, sometimes we lost it a bit

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  1. Great pictures mates, we too love water- especially if there is mud! Play bows,